Monday, April 12, 2010

February 28
Why I could never be gay!
Lately theres been an assault by the media, especially Hollywood, to educate us Ignoramus's(I think thats how you spell it) about Homosexuality. The biggest assault has been this dumbass movie about two gay cowboys called "Brokeback Mountain". Now I havn't seen the movie, and I won't for a plethora of reasons, but I will say Hollywood has some Big Gay Balls! I don't know if you remember a kid named Matthew Shepherd or not, but the one state in the union where horses outnumber cars does. I guess what i'm saying Hollywood producers is be careful what genre of hillbilly's you provoke. Aside from that, I know I'll never be gay. How do I know you ask, let me tell ya why. First of all i like chicks; Big ones, small ones, pretty ones, and even some not so pretty ones(although then they have to be skinny if they're not lookers) I like white chicks, black chicks, green, red and brown ones. But ok, that's odvious you say, explain how you would never be gay. Ok aside from the fact that I like chicks I dislike the gays. Now before you get all hell bent listen. I don't hate gay individuals per se but I hate the gay culture. Dudes shouldn't be feminine. Guys shouldn't call themselves queens, and princesses', and shes, and all that other gay shit they say about themselves. Now I firmly believe that Homosexuality is a sin, but I also believe that you must love your neighbor as yourself. So I'm not ignorant enough to say "I hate gay people" or " I wish they were all dead" or any of that hateful antigay sentiment. But i do wish I could watch an episode of "next" or "Roomraiders" without seeing a bunch of fruitbooters acting like drama queens and gayin out all over my tv. Now you might say, well brad, stop watchin those dumbass tv shows! And while I probably should I would reply why can't gay people just be normal people in all ways except that most important way? I know there are gay peopel that act every bit as normal as the majority of society, and I know the term or phrase "normal" is a loose term, but the flamboyant ones are ruining it for the rest of you. I've seen a paradigm shift over the years when it comes to the gays. When I was a kid theer were'nt to many "out" gays. Then that damn Ellen Degerenres had to come dancin out of her butch closet and announce to the world that she was queer(big surprise). Now you can't watch a show without some token gay person runnin around and taking over. I understand we live in a world with diversity and I'm ok with most of it but Hollywood don't tell me I have to embrace Homosexuality. I accept it because you're foolish if you just try and close your eyes to it, but I'll never embrace it. Basically if you're gay then fine be gay, but be normal as well. If your heterosexual then fine but don't flaunt your sexuality around. Be respectful of the world around us.

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