Monday, April 12, 2010

Why I hate old people and what i think we should do with them.
I hate old people! Here's the thing, they serve no purpose. They drive like shit, they smell, and they give horrible gifts. The next time I get something cool for my birthday or christmas from my grandparents will be the first time. I don't even want to talk about their driving abilities(or lack thereof) cause it will only make me angry. With all that being said, here's what I propose; We send them to Africa! Here's why, Africa has alot of problems already so adding one more to the list won't hurt. They have to go somewhere cause we can't euthanize em! Dr. Kevorkian is proof of that. We could send them to France cause I hate those cheese, lovin' pansies, but I believe the old people would actually enjoy that place and we can't have that. So Africa it is. Here's why, there are alot of broken families, missing parents, extreme poverty, ect... Old people have lot's of money(which they don't share with their families or need for that matter), theres ton's of space for golf courses, and it's very warm there. Now, I've never been to Africa but I can imagine in most places it dosn't smell very good so were not commiting any type of smell pollution(I just made that up). It's a perfect fit, the old people can take care of the Africans, and the lions and tigers can take care of the old people, win - win! Now I know there are some out there that like their grandparents and will say " well I want to see my grandparents, I love them!" Great! Good for you love em all ya want, hell I love mine. But if ya want to see em book a plane to Africa cause once we get em sent over there, they're there for good.

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