Monday, April 12, 2010

Some old stuff i wrote!

March 06
Where has Maverik gone?
What the hell happened to Tom Cruise? Man that guy was such a badass when I was growin up and well into my twenties. But lately that guy has turned into a freakin wackjob. I'm sure most of it can be traced back to his involvement with those wierd ass scientologists and Ron L. Hubbard but damn Mav whats goin' on? Where's the smooth operator from Risky Business, or the cold, calculating villain from Collateral. I can't tell you the elation I felt about this time last year when I heard that my boy Mav was pimpin my longtime crush Joey Potter. And while I was a little torn that Pacey was gonna get Dawsoned, I was comforted by the fact that Jerry frickin Mcguire was gonna be keepin her warm at night. And then all hell breaks loose. I blame it on that witch Oprah! Man I hate her. She brings my boy on and the next thing I know dude is swingin from the rafters and jumpin on the couch and basically dying professionally right before my eyes. Why Ethan Hunt, why? Why did you have to have a "show me the money" moment on LIVE television? Was Cuba just offstage eggin' you on, is that what this is? Or is this some sort of Holy Sacrament in that alien Cult you give all of your money to. Listen Tommy, drop the freaks and geeks of that circus "religion" and get back to kickin ass and takin names from terrorists, pool sharks, and surly sports agents. Damn, I miss you mav!

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