Monday, April 12, 2010

Pop culture "gurus" shut the hell up!
So I don't know if anyone out there has caught the recent trend of blending celebrity couples' names into one name, but this trend needs to drink the coolaid quick. If i hear one more thing about bennifer or brangelina or tomkat I'm gonna run head first into a brick wall. I mean it's bad enough that there are people in this world who actually get paid to worry about whether Angelina Jolie has enough collagen in her lips or if Tom Cruise is actually an Alien life force sent here to prepare Earth for her final Battle(although this one actually should be investigated, that guy is a wack next blog) or if Jennifer Garner's kid will be enough to keep that cheating whore faithful for all of 10 days, but I don't need to know all of this AND get a heaping spoonful of some wise ass' creative nameagram or whatever it is called when a bonehead with access to the world media combines celebrity names. Look, I like to be somewhat informed when it comes to whats a happening in the world of pop culture. And I have quite a few mediums in which to get informed. But pop culture dillholes please stop insulting mine and the worlds intelligence by mixing or blending or frappeing or whatever you fruities call it the names of celebrities. That sh#$ is tired!

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